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What to know when preparing for your new carpet

We don’t shop for any flooring very often, but it is possibly one of the biggest--if not THE biggest investment you’ll make in your home. The floor is also considered by many designers to be the best expression of personal style, so prepare well for your new carpet.

American Made Flooring is locally owned and operated, and we’re part of cooperative of 500-plus independently owned retailers, so you get the best of both worlds: the personalized service of a locally owned company with the backing of a national chain.

We stand behind our products and services. Our inventory is fully stocked and we provide services that include professional installation and free in-home measuring. We believe strongly in education, so we provide guides, glossaries, and our own design magazine.

Our showroom is in Algonquin, Illinois, and we service Algonquin, Lake in The Hills, Huntley, Crystal Lake, and Cary.

Examine your lifestyle

The biggest mistake is buying the wrong carpet for their lifestyle. Is your family large or small? Do you have high or low foot traffic? Are there kids and/or pets? How do you feel about caring for your floors?

Most importantly, what is the budget; don’t just factor cost of product, but also installation, as well any extras, such as padding.

Also, ask yourself about the room or area in which it’s to be installed. That is important because not all rugs are alike and what may be wonderful for one room may be a disaster for another.
Luxury carpet in Algonquin, IL from American Made Flooring

Other things to consider:

Here are some basic terms, such as pile, density, fiber, padding, etc.
1. Piles can be either high or low. The high pile is plush and fluffy, such as a Frieze or Shag; both are good for the bedroom where comfort and warmth is a priority or just plain style. Low piles, like loop and cut-and-loop constructions, are sturdier so they can be better for high-traffic areas, as well as stairs, home offices and anywhere there will be mobility devices.
2. Density is what determines quality, not thickness. It simply means how closely fibers are woven together.
3. Fibers come in all-natural, such as wool. There are also synthetics such as nylon, polyester, and olefin. Please keep that there are also silks and blends, as well as a relative newcomer to the market, Triexta.
4. Padding is important. It sets a foundation and keeps the carpet free of wrinkles and rolls. Just as carpet protects the floor, so does padding protect the carpet

There’s a big myth that they don’t last long, but it’s like anything else: Take care of it and you’ll have it for a long time.