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Debunking some common hardwood flooring myths

Wood floors never go out of style, and it lends warm and rich elegance to your home. Try as we might, though, some myths just keep persisting, so we’re here to clear up the misconceptions.

American Made Flooring is locally owned and operated, and we’re part of cooperative of 500-plus independently owned retailers, so you get the best of both worlds: the personalized service of a locally owned company with the backing of a national chain.

We stand behind our products and services. Our inventory is fully stocked and we provide services that include professional installation and free in-home measuring, as well as guides, glossaries, and our own design magazine.

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1. Myth #1: It is expensive. There might be a little sticker shock in the beginning but when you consider the big picture, these floors are quite cost-effective. They last forever and, in fact, often look better with age. If you are bothered by some scratches, know that they are mostly in the veneer and not the planks itself; often, it just takes a refinishing to bring them back to their original glory. Two, if you do change your decor, or just get tired of the color, you don’t need to live with it! Just have them sanded and stained another color and, yes, you can easily go from dark to light. Three, they add value to a home and, whether or not you ever plan to sell, know that buyers will often pay more for a home with wood floors.
2. Myth #2: Solid is the only true hardwood. There are two kinds of wood floors, and the other is engineered. Many prefer this because it is more stable and water-resistant than solid. Engineered is, indeed, genuine timber, but the only difference is the construction. While the top is a piece of genuine timber (from the forest), underneath are at least three layers that combine wood with other materials. Each is positioned so the lines intersect and that is what makes it more stable. It’s the perfect choice for those who love hardwood, but also have a practical side.
3. Myth #3: Hardwood is noisy. This is physics: If a room is comprised only of hard surfaces, of course there’ll be nothing to capture the vibrations. It takes textiles to do so, and here’s an easy solution: Place a few area rugs on top of the floor!
4. Myth #4: Hardwood isn’t durable. It’s all tough, but some, such as oak, maple, and hickory are very hard. If you have pets, kids, or heavy foot traffic, or any need for extra durability, be sure to discuss it with your flooring expert so you can choose the right one for you.

With proper maintenance hardwood can last for years. Our showroom is in Algonquin, Illinois and we service Algonquin, Lake in The Hills, Huntley, Crystal Lake, and Cary.